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In either case, when resubmitted, the prescription will be paid according to the rules for the month in which it is re-submitted. The contractor will not be paid until the prescription has been returned to the Pricing Authority. Do I need to check that it is the correct code? Pharmacy contractors are only expected to ensure that a code is present. Sometimes, in the case of hospital prescriptions, the code may be related to a hospital unit rather than an individual prescriber. Pricing Authority staff will check during the recharging process that the code is correct.

As the contractor is not expected to perform any extra work by attempting to validate codes, prescriptions will not be returned to the pharmacy if a code is later identified as being incorrect. These prescriptions will still be paid as normal within the usual time-frames. However, if a contractor suspects the prescription is not a genuine order for the person named on the prescription e. I have received a dental prescription which does not contain a prescriber code, do I need to contact the prescriber to find it out?

FAQ: What You Need to Know About Prescriber Checkup

Pricing Authority has confirmed that dental prescriptions do not have prescriber codes and therefore pharmacy contractors can dispense and submit these prescriptions without needing to identify or endorse a prescriber code. When I resubmit my returned prescription which month tariff will be used to reimburse me?

Prescriptions will be reimbursement according to the Drug Tariff price for the month the prescription is resubmitted.

Frequently asked questions about our Prescriber Checkup news application.

Is this prescription form valid? Further to our news story Temporary parallel export ban issued to ensure continued supply of medicines the Department of Health Sign up now. An electronic prescription is a prescription that does not involve paper-based intermediaries such as prescription pads, or faxed copies.

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Authenticity of Prescriptions using Unique Identifiers for Prescribers

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