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During this time, an experienced family lawyer can help you to enforce your child support order, including guiding you in any court actions needed on your part. In New Jersey, a child support order is a court order by which both parties are legally bound. When one party fails to fulfill their obligation under the order, you may need to seek legal counsel in order to obtain the child support that is owed to your children.

How can I enforce the child support order in New Jersey?

Enforcement of a child support order is the effort to make sure that child support and overdue payments are made by the defaulting parent. The family courts in New Jersey are generally willing to take strong measures to enforce child support payments. As a result, the defaulting parent may find that the courts have authorized the invasion of his or her financial asset or issued a bench warrant for his or her arrest and incarceration. A person facing the prospect of divorce would be wise to think about how he or she can pursue a fair property division order. This would include terms regarding what will happen to jointly held investment accounts.

Investments are made for the future , and splitting these proceeds in divorce proceedings can be tricky.

Potential Consequences

One thing that may be important is for a spouse to make sure that he or she has the right information to access all joint accounts. After a divorce is final, this information will be important to change the designated beneficiary on the account.


When an ex-spouse is not removed, it could lead to complications in the future. When you get hurt in a store or on someone else's property, the law in New Jersey may authorize you to bring a premises liability claim against the homeowner, business owner or property manager.

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Premises liability is the legal and financial liability people incur by allowing others onto their property. In some cases, the liability insurance that the business or homeowner carries will accept a claim and cover all of the costs associated with the injury you suffered on the property. Other times, the insurance company, homeowner or business owner may try to fight your claim to avoid paying out.

Many New Jersey parents enter a new and confusing world when they divorce.

Now they must deal with the details of custody and visitation rights as well as the complexities of child support. While these two concepts both seek the well-being of the child, they are separate determinations. Nonpayment of child support is not a valid reason for one parent to deny the other parent court-ordered time with the children. Is there ever a time when a parent can refuse to allow the other parent to be with the children? What about the times when the child refuses to go with the other parent?

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Legal advisors recommend discussing the matter calmly with the child to determine why he or she does not want to spend time with the other parent. Is it because the child simply wants to be with friends that day, or is there legitimate concern for the child's safety? The process of ending a marriage has a number of different details that need to be handled. It can feel overwhelming for a lot of people as they try to navigate the changes.

There are several different documents related to finances that have to be updated or changed. One of the first things that will need to be changed isn't an actual financial account, but it can influence a person's finances and future. Many people name their spouse as the executor of their estate.

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After a divorce, they will probably want to change that, along with their power of attorney, trustee designation or other related designations as applicable. Many people might assume that having a lot of money solves any problem imaginable.

If the paying parent fails to appear in court, an arrest warrant may be issued. There are several options when it comes to collecting past-due child support payments. The court can order immediate payment of support owed in-part or in-full or create a debt payment schedule to supplement the existing child support payment schedule.

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Child support obligations remain in place despite the employment status of the paying parent. However, the regular child support court order will resume when employment resumes. In the State of New Jersey, unemployment income can be used to make child support payments. It can be withheld just like wages. A custodial parent cannot withhold parenting time from a noncustodial parent due to skipped child support payments.